Cleveland Browns, Browns Stadium

Durrell provided all design and installation of the new stadium sound system and has full responsibility for the bowl and Durrell Rolling Thunder sound systems for special events since 2006. Contact: Kathy McClain, Executive Director. — project sheet


Arrowhead Stadium

Durrell provided full audio design and installation of the stadium sound system, Durrell Rolling Thunder and fully staffs the technical areas for all NFL games since 2001. Contact: Ron Bachtel, Stadium Systems Manager.


Nashville Predators, Bridgestone Center

Durrell provided all design and installation for their new line array sound system, relocated the control room, installed a new 48 input Soundcraft console, digital processing, extensive patchbay and tie lines. Durrell fully staffs all events since 2005. Contact: Hugh Lombardi, Executive VP Powers Management. — project sheet


Tennessee Titans, LP Field

Durrell maintains the main single point source cluster, amplifiers, control systems including the BSS Soundweb, all club suites and the media center since 2001. Contact: Dempsey Henderson, Facilities Manager.




Detroit Lions, Ford Field 





Cincinnati Bengals, Paul Brown Stadium

Durrell provided all design and installation of the new stadium sound system and has full responsibility for the bowl and Durrell Rolling Thunder sound systems for special events since 2006. Contact: Scott Simpson, Executive Producer.


Cincinnati Reds, Great American Ballpark

Durrell provides an annual comprehensive maintenance program which tests all audio components and upgrades all firmware central systems, tunes the sound system semi annually and performs a winterization program on all weather exposed components since 2006. Contact: Brent Vinson, AV Technical Manager.

Philadelphia Eagles, Lincoln Financial Field

Durrell designed and built custom stainless steel horizontal array speaker system for acoustically shadowed stadium seating areas in 2006. Contact: Dave Duernberger, Director of facilities.

Indiana Pacers, Conseco Fieldhouse

Durrell provided acoustic analysis, design and installation of precision tuned passive absorption baffles to correct severe low frequency build up and improve voice intelligibility. Contact: Dave Teepe, Stage Foreman.

Kansas City Royals, Kaufman Stadium

Durrell provided installation for a new distributed sound system including all control room electronics, shadowed area speakers, and all suites, relationship since 2001. Contact: Rodney Lewallen, Director of Stadium Operations. — project sheet

Bristol Motor Speedway

Voted the #1 NASCAR Track the past 3 years. Durrell provides all of the sound system at this 165,000 seat venue and fully staffs all media services including production and engineering for all race events since 1999. Contact: Jeff Byrd, President and General Manager.

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Durrell provided all audio system components and production services for two major NASCAR Cup Races and multiple smaller races years 2000 thru 2004. Contact: Ed Clark, President — project sheet

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Durrell has provided full staffing, technical updates, equipment design and installation for the LVMS owned equipment since 2001. Contact: Chris Powell, Executive VP and General Manager.

Texas Motor Speedway

Durrell designed and installed a complete new full range sound system including control room, all processing and amplifiers in 2002. Contact: Eddie Gossage, Executive VP & General Manager.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Durrell relocated, designed and installed a complete new control room across the track from the old location. New equipment included a new 32 input Crest Console, QSControl and multiple entertainment source selection. Contact: Kevin Forbes, Director of Engineering & Construction. — project sheet

Nashville Iroquois Steeplechase

Durrell provides all audio systems and production engineering services for this annual thoroughbred horse race which is attended each year by 40,000 plus fans since 2004.Contact: Henry Hooker, President and Chief Chair Person

Vanderbilt Memorial Gym, Nashville, Tennessee

Durrell designed and installed their new sound system including acoustical analysis and treatment to match a newly renovated space in 2002. Contact: Judson Newbern, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Planning & Construction.

University of Nebraska, Memorial Stadium

Durrell designed temporary and permanent sound systems used during a three year construction period for the home of the Corn Huskers in 2005. Contact: Bernie Rempe, Senior Principal at Clark Enersen Partners.

Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky

Durrell designed and installed a new head end antenna system for the MATV system in 2003.