About Us

Durrell provides both the new stadium/arena installation or existing facility with an understanding of the latest technical demands required by our industry and designs a Sound System to met those needs within a designated budget.  With full CAD capabilities and Acoustic Engineering experience , Durrell works with the building architect to design a sound that creates the energy to excite ! the fans.

Durrell pioneers some of the most technically advanced Audio/Video delivery systems (Rolling Thunder and HDDV) to maximize performance and convenience.  Durrell’s installation are made to maximize the life of the components and to minimize the need for future service repair.  Durrell’s maintenance programs take responsibility for the sound systems for five, seven…even ten years, creating COST CERTAINTY for maintenance.  Durrell Production provides all the components necessary to facilitate the largest staging events from one man podium announcements to full A-list concerts, Durrell has the engineering and equipment to make everything sound great.

What do we do? We do a lot! And do it each week better than anyone else!

Durrell History

“Durrell has become an evolution of knowledge, creativity and frankly, of stepping out and pioneering what works and what doesn’t.  Some call it wisdom – I prefer to think of it as experience.  Wisdom is a thing from the past.  Experience allows for new ideas and procedures that make what we do “great audio” – something that will always evolve,” says John Horrell, President of Durrell Sports Audio.

“Durrell was formed from experiences that started in live Television engineering, as far back as the 70’s.  I was the first on-air engineer at Nashville’s now Fox affiliate, learning to put content on live TV.  Those days taught the urgency of getting things on the air, live….no second chance, with your job on the line and the station’s financial future weighing in the balance.  I find that thirty years later, not much has changed.

In the fall of 1999, Broadcast Marketing Associates (the forerunner to Durrell Sports) contracted with Bristol Motor Speedway and took on the responsibility of the Number One NASCAR track.  I would love to say the number-seven-rated sporting event that year went off without a hitch, but what we learned and worked hard to perfect has kept Jeff Byrd, president of Bristol Motor Speedway, very happy, and we are just entering our ninth year.

Our success introduced us to the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs in the summer of 2000.  This wonderful relationship for the past ten years opened the door to The Kansas City Royals, Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Atlanta, Texas & Las Vegas Motor Speedways, Philadelphia Eagles,Tennessee Titans,Detroit  lions and the  Nashville Predators……..  We have had a wonderful career so far!

With every project we learn, adapt and create updates.  Durrell pioneered many of the media practices used today in major arenas and stadiums around the world.  We have introduced products such as Rolling Thunder, and High Definition Distribution Service (HDDS) that solve entertainment and distribution problems.  The events we are most recognized for are those that have no room for failure, where consistent high quality audio is demanded.”

“Durrell – Takes Responsibility – That is our history.”